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A question I was faced with in 2010.  My husband suggested buying a tent so that we could go camping with friends andfamily.  I think my face said it all, well I had always been used to the hotels and B & B’s of this world so had to seriously think about this!

The searching started first on the internet and the questionsflowed, will that be big enough, can we stand up in it, how many will it sleep. Now this is where the unexpected happened, when our search went from tent to venturing to Milton Keynes to check out a T25 Campervan, due to friends swaying us that this was the camping vehicle to go for.  So,after the viewing and liking the amazing storage capacity and practicality the deal was struck and Hotdog as we named it came home with us for the adventures to start.  

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It was now 2012 and once again we were on the lookout for a different type of campervan to continue our adventures.  We ventured to Stamford Hall’s VW show as we thought this would be a good place to check out the camping accommodation on offer.  It was a lovely summers day and we were enjoying walking around the estate and checking out the Camper Vans on sale.  One particular van caught our eye, this being a cream coloured 1971 Westfalia Californian Bay.  Lovely original interior, great bodywork and a nice sounding engine, according to my husband.  It was at this point, I got the sense that we both really liked it and listened interestingly to the conversation between my husband and the owners of the van.  

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Wait for it………six years on that lovely Westfalia Carlifornian Bay that caught our eye sits happily in our garage waiting for its next venture. It still makes me laugh now that our original intention was to buy a tent but instead brought camper van’s instead. Since owning this camper we have been on many family camping ventures from camp sites a few miles up the road to ones as far as Cornwall.  We have seen amazing scenery on our travels and met some lovely people who we have stayed in touch with.  We also belong to a VW club with many members who own a variety of VW vehicles.


At first, being novice campers we had to learn on each trip how to ensure we had everything we needed, gaining valuable knowledge along the way.  Having a 47-year-old vehicle has its challenges but anyone who has owned one of these vans knows they can be both enjoyable when they play ball but quite frustrating when they don’t, it all adds to the adventure!  Despite this we have had lots of fun times in our Van that we named Casper, so I can now answer that question I was faced with 8 years ago as a definite yes, I love camping!!

Having now set up a business with friends we are now experiencing the modern camper van, this being a well-equipped VW T6, this is quite different to Hotdog and Casper as everything is new and not 47 years old.  We get to places much quicker and without the breakdowns, we have heaters to keep us warm when we get unexpected weather conditions, you can do a three point turn and not get arm ache due to having power steering.  But don’t take my word for it why not try one of our vans out for yourself and see if camping is for you, or if you already know this, then experience the modern facilities our vans can offer and be the envy of any campsite!

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